Bit off more then we could chew!

Hi everyone,

Again sorry for the lack of juicy behind the scenes pictures and stories.

It’s not that we haven’t got any, believe me there’s been loads.  It’s actually been non stop since last Sunday when we started shooting. 

The problem has been actually finding the time to post.  I’ve been so busy with writing, shooting, editing an VFX that I haven’t got a spare minute in the day.

The film is due up today and as I type this I’m about to embark on the final onslaught of trying to get it finished.  There’s still loads to do so I’m going to have to say goodbye for now. But I will be seeing you again tomorrow where I promise I’ll post up lots of information, pictures and videos.

For now, take care and keep watching Bubblegummonsters an 22 days later channels for the films release. It will probably be late tonight.

See you soon,




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