Lots to come

Hey everyone.

So our first ever 22 days later films is now complete and we’re already half way through our premiere week of release.  Thanks so far to everyone who’s commented on the video, we really appreciate your input.

So I thought the rest of this week I will post a blog a day on behind the scenes kind of stuff. I think I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that due to the intense nature of making our first film, we really didn’t have much time to actually do many blogs or behind the scene photos.

So here are a few that we did manage to grab.  These were on the first day of shooting which was a Sunday.  We were doing the scenes in the woods where Marget the Lollipop lady is crossing the common.   The photo with the mini dolly in was actually cut from the film as we felt the whole scene dragged to much. Which is a shame really as it was a nice shot but story and pace should always come first and so it had to go.ImageImage





These are actually the last of the photos I’m afraid and a little blurred.  But we do have lots of other goodies. We’re going to release a lot of bloopers and the whole sequence we shot for the Kids TV show which I have to say was really good fun to make. Plus some of the techniques we used to get sounds and other tips and tricks
So stay tuned as things gather pace.


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