Awards and missing posters

I thought it would be fun to post up the awards and missing signs that we used in the film.

Here is one of Sherduck and Theo at the BAFTA awards.

We were sent invites to the awards but felt that they’d be full of Riff Raff so we didn’t bother going.  We did  bit of trickery to make it look like we were there.


This one I didn’t have time to Photoshop too well. We were shooting the next day so I quickly found an old TV times off the net and comped Sherduck in. As you can see it’s still got the 2000 date on it.


Originally in the script I was going to write a section where by Sherduck reveals to Margret why he’s been on a Lollipop Lady killing spree. Which was that he was a time keeping freak.  He had to get where he needed to be on the dot, could never be late. One day a Lollipop lady holds him up to let some children cross and makes him late to the studio. It was from this day forward he decided to have a vendetta against Lollipop Ladies. I was even going to go as far as having him run her over.

It quickly became apparent that to shoot this scene would take up valuable time while not really adding much to the story. So I decided if I could explain it in pictures then all the better. After all your film should show not tell so what better way to do that than in a newspaper cutting.

I’m sure if I’d sat and thought about it a bit more I could have come up with a more legitimate reason why he kills Lollipop ladies but I decided this would do.  After all he is a bit mad.


And here is the newspaper article on the missing Lollipop Lady (My Mum)
I didn’t have time to change all the small print. But seeing as this was going to shot in a darkened room and was only going to be on screen for a brief amount of time I decided it didn’t matter.

In fact I don’t actually think anyone even managed to read the titles.


That’s all for now but keep watching for more behind the scenes and tips and tricks.

Also if you haven’t yet sent in a Prop, A Costume or a Phrase then what are you waiting for.  Head over to and be in with a chance to have your idea brought to life on screen and even win a T-shirt for your trouble!


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