First night of episode 2

Sorry for the lack of post these last few days.

We’ve been pretty busy.  Thursday night we filmed one of the scenes for episode 2.  It takes place at a Magicians home.  Can’t say much more than that.

We had a really great time and were lucky enough to find not only our location but also our actor all in one place.

John who plays our magician owns the house that we shot in. And what a superb location it is. His lovely wife Flora helped out massively with props. She not only found us a white rabbit but also a dead one. Ok, well she didn’t actually find a dead rabbit she made one. Which I actually think is a bigger achievement. After all anyone can kill a rabbit, I did when I was 10 by leaving  the hutch door open. A fox actually killed it but it was my fault…anyway I’m digressing.

So we had a great time.  We had a usual suspects on the crew but also a new addition named Mat who helped out massively. So thanks Mat, we hope you can help out some more as there’s so much to do.

So that’s one scene in the can. Although I still haven’t found the time to edit it together yet so not sure if we’ll be needing pick ups.  As usual it became rushed at the end so that may very well be the case.

I’ll be adding some photos over the next day so please check them out. I have to say I do look a little insane in most of them.  But then I guess directing does that to you.

So much still to do.

We still haven’t got a hall and stage location although it looks like there’s one on the horizon.

We still haven’t got our male actors. Although we have got our two female leads!  We actually had over 100 applicants for these parts!!

We still need to find a policemen’s uniform.

We still need to find extras.

I have no idea how we’re get this all done.

Here’s a photo



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