Busy editing

Hello again.

Today I’ve been editing the first scene. Here’s a tip, it’s always good to edit your scenes as soon as you can. On set if possible.  This is a great way of finding out if your scene will work with the shots you’ve got so far.  If you find that you really need that extra shot then you’re still able to get it while on set.

If you can’t do it on set try to get a rough cut done within a day or so so that actors can hopefully still be available and haven’t grown a beard or something in the the the space of you shooting the footage and editing.

Although I think for this scene it could of done with a few more shots to really make it come alive I’ve decided I’ve got enough. My criteria for 22 Days Later is, does my scene tell the story needed to be told?  Is my scene not jarring in anyway as to put the audience off?

If the answer to the above is yes then I class it as good enough.  Which is quite difficult for me as I’m usually a perfectionist, But I have to grit my teeth and accept that it’s the way it is.  Obviously if you’re shooting a film which you’re hoping to enter into festivals and more importantly win. Then you should aim to get as close to perfection as you reasonably can.  Because once your film is out there you can’t change it.  But obviously time and money are the biggest factors.

Here’s another tip. To aim for perfection shoot as many films as you can.

I thought I’d post a still from the film.  I’ve quickly graded it to give it the spooky feel that we’re going for.

Also not the infrared alarm in the top left corner of the room. We were aware of this at the time but was hoping the actor would be in the way for the shot. As you can tell, he wasn’t. I will have to correct this in post at some point. Along with some spot lights in some of the other shots.



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