So much to do and so little time to do it

Well I’ve spent a lot of today trying to locate a hall, STILL!


It seems that we really picked the wrong time of year to decide to shoot a film in a village hall. There’s either a panto of some kind being rehearsed or a knitting club.

It’s very frustrating knowing that we’ve got only a week left now and still so many scenes to shoot. 


We do have a plan B but even that still requires a hall…so it’s not really a great Plan B really.


I’ve managed to order a Policeman High vis Jacket off of a Surplus store in Nottingham called Anchor supplies.  They’ve got a great selection of Police and Army uniforms so if you ever want any costumes try them first.  Here’s their website

I’ve also hopefully found an actor to play one of the male character but we still one more!

We also need a severed head and body parts which I may also be able to source.

There’s a hell of a lot of maybes which is never good. 


So for now, all I can show you is more photos from Thursdays shoot.




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