No severed head :(

Which is a real shame as I really wanted to do a blog entitled “What’s in the BOX?”

Anyway it turns out that the head I was going to pick up today and deliver to the next recipient  tomorrow in London actually wasn’t in London at all but was in Glastonbury. So as much as I wanted to have the severed head in the film, I’m not going to drive all the way to Glastonbury.

I was literally on the phone to Kate discussing when to pick it up when she realised that it said on the delivery label that it was to go to Glastonbury, not their London office.
Damn and it looked so good too!  I’ll post up some pictures with this post.

Today has felt like a mind field of problems. Fire fighting all the way through.

So we’ve got the hall booked. Although like buses I’ve now got another hall as well so I’m going to check that one out as it could possibly be a lot cheaper.

We’ve got three of our four actors. Sam Nash the actor that played Sherduck in the previous film said he’d love to be in this one so I’ve cast him for one of the parts as I think he’ll be good.

We’ve got our two female actors and I do have a fourth but we’re trying to confirm he’s ok for dates at the moment.

I’ve also been trying to figure out how we can spill fake blood on a hall floor without actually spilling it on a hall floor. So far the only ideas I’ve had are to buy some fake wood vinyl. Nice idea but too expensive, unless anyone reading this has some knocking about?

The other idea is to buy some of that clear adhesive covering that you used to buy for your school books. The only problem with that is I’d be worried that pulling it back up would also pull some of the varnished floor up.
So this is just one of the main issues we’re trying to resolve right now.

Good news is that although Millennium FX can’t lend me a head they have got lots of spare limbs laying around so I’m going to pick some of them up tomorrow. Should make finding the hand competition a bit more interesting.

We also shot another scene today outside the hall.  It was a quick scene and only needed a few shots. Even so we were against the clock as it was getting dark so we had to race to get it done.

Here’s some more behind the scenes photos from last Thursday…wow can’t believe that was a week ago!!

In this photo Stuart had a nervous break down and curled up into a fetus position


Me looking a bit mad.  Not unusual!


Would you believe that this hat was actually a bit small on everyone else.  Fitted Mat like a glove, as in you put your whole hand in a glove and Mat can put his whole head in a hat!


she's had a bad day

she’s had a bad day

head side



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