Shooting tomorrow!

Hello all,

I can’t believe another week has passed since out last shoot! Time really is flying past.

If you haven’t seen the teaser scene yet then please take a look at the previous post.

So tomorrow night we’re shooting again. This time it involves four of the main characters so should hopefully be fun to work with the dialogue in the piece.

We’ve only got the location for around 5 – 6 hours tomorrow so we’re going to have to move fast with the shots.  I try to block out some of the key shots I would like using storyboards and now having been at the location it makes this process slightly easier. But I find that no matter how much I think a shot should work there are many times when you’re on set you realise that you have to change how you visualized the shot.  It’s always a bit scary doing this but also very rewarding when it works well.

Another little tip of the day. When filming a shot never call cut when you think the shot should end. Let it role for at least another 5 seconds.  You’ll be surprised how many times in the edit you’d wished that you’d just left it rolling a little longer to achieve a certain emotion within the scene. Or there might be something one of the actors does after that is ideal as a cut away reaction.

A prime example of the former was on last Fridays shoot.  There’s a shot where the caretaker runs out the door and the policeman is left standing on his own in this big empty space.

In the original script I had envisioned the caretaker running out and the policeman getting straight on his radio. So as soon as the caretaker had ran out I called cut.

In the edit I realised I shouldn’t have done this as there is a great moment where the policeman is left standing on his own, It’s a wide shot so really shows his vulnerability. The big old doors slam shut and echo.  Now if I’d left this scene to run longer it would of added some great spooky atmosphere as the echo subsided. As it was you hear call cut and everyone relaxes.

I had to do a bit of image manipulation to extend the shot as long as I could but it’s still not as long as I’d of liked. If only I’d held the shot those extra 5 seconds it would of been perfect.

So remember don’t cut when the shot ends, let it run on a bit.

And for visual entertainment here are some gruesome pictures of some of the limbs.




Our Sound man Scott got drunk and fell over legless.


Oh no,  I meant ARMLESS, HO HO HO!


Also worth noting is the decorating pole. I did actually have a Rode boompole once but left it on a train.To be honest the decorating pile is working out quite well


Note the clock on the wall. I had to adjust this in post for a lot the shots.



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