I really can’t believe it but it’s that time AGAIN!

We’re still in the middle of completing Episode 2 but as promised we are going to be sticking to a schedule and shooting Episode 3 at the same time, how CRAZY IS THAT!

That’s right, episode 3 is upon us…well almost. First we need you great people of the world to come up with the ideas that shape the film.
One clause is you also have to be subscribed to our channel http://www.Youtube/user/bubblegummonsters and you’ll be helping us look cool and popular.

So we’re going to need from you the following suggestions.

A Prop
A Costume
A Phrase

We’re giving you to Midnight next Sunday the 24th of November to do this. We will then pull from a hat (maybe the magic hat) one of each suggestion.

Whoever the winners are, get a high quality Bubblegummonsters T-shirt, HURRAY!

So hurry time is a flying.



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