News on episode 3 and other things

So with Christmas coming up and the fact that we’re still in the middle of filming episode 2 we’ve made the decision to just hold off till after Christmas for Episode 3.

It’s a hard decision to make as we feel that we’re letting people down. But then at the same time we feel we’d be letting you down if we were to release a rushed film that didn’t have the same amount of effort put into as the other two.
So I think what we’re doing is definitely the right thing.

In other news. We shot a hell of a lot last night for Episode 2. I think it was over 8 pages!

We were rushed at the end as we were running over but I think overall we got some great stuff.

The one thing I was really proud of was our actors. Every single one of them put their heart into. It’s such a nice feeling to of written a script and see the characters brought to life by some great talent.

I think all four of our young actors is seriously good. Considering how much dialogue they had to get through they made it look easy.

Their level of professionalism and dedication is amazing.

Sam has the patience of a saint, the fact that he returned to do Episode 2 means a hell of a lot.

Matt took a day off of work (hopefully they won’t find out)

Lauren must have a seriously sore throat after the amount of screaming she had to do. Not only that but after finishing at Midnight she then had to drive to Manchester (3 half hour drive) to be on set for Coronation Street the next morning at 4:00am OUCH!

And Marcella was subjected to more syrup blood in her face and if that wasn’t enough she also had to gulp down bags of Sherbert so we could have her foaming at the mouth.
She had to wear the remains of these concoctions on her face for over an hour.
By the time we’d finished shooting they’d dried on her face.

Seriously I have have real respect for these actors, they’re proper hardcore!

Stuart took some great photos so I’ll get these posted up over the next few days!

Till next time.


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