Some photos from Sunday nights shoot

Hi all,

I thought it would be nice to post up some of the pictures that Stuart kindly took while we were shooting some of Episode 2 on Sunday night.

On a technical note, one thing I was really pleased with was the lighting. It was such a simple set up. We had a candle in the centre of the table and then just a paper sphere shade hanging above.

I wanted have a subtle rim light to give blue cast so just used one of my daylight soft boxes a few meters back to give the feeling of moonlight coming through.

One tip. If you want a fast shoot, don’t get fancy with camera moves.  As soon as you start wanting to move the camera all over the place you get into a whole world of pain with having to work out where to place lights.

We kept the dialogue as simple as we could in terms of camera placement. Just locked off shots for two shots, close ups and one wide. And the same for the reverse.

We also tried to break the dialogue into segments. Luckily the script has breaks in it where the story goes back to a past event so these acted as natural breaks. We broke the dialogue down into 5 segments, each segment being split by a scene from the past.  We shot the first segment making sure we got our wide, close up and two shot. We had to do these for the reverses as well so we ended up with having to move the camera 7 times in total.  We then had to do the same again for segment 2.

We did think that maybe we should just keep the camera in one place and go through all the segments before moving the camera and  then returning to the beginning of the dialogue to shoot all the way through again from the next angle.

We tried this for a bit but found that the actors were then losing the flow of the scenes that they’d shot earlier.  So we kept to getting coverage for each segment.

I did try to employ a technique I’ve heard used a lot where a Director will shoot the actors they feel warm up quickest first before then shooting the actors that take longer to get to a point where their totally in character. But I found that all our actors were very good a picking up the feel for the piece and staying in character.

One thing I may do next time is try to stick more to what I had story boarded as I have a feeling I may have too much coverage. I guess you can never have too much coverage but unfortunately we ended up having to rush the end sequence because we’d run out of time and it was this part that required the most time.  I’d of liked to of shot the complex sequence first but because it required pouring blood on on one of our actors we had to leave it to last. Image


We didn’t have a reflector so decided to improvise by using a turned up red table which gave a nice warm glow.






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