Some really cool monsters!

Hey everyone,

A few weeks ago I visited Millennium FX, the amazing SFX guys that do lots of the effects for things like Doctor Who and major feature films.

In that blog I mentioned that they had some really great models in their reception and that when I dropped back the limbs I’d take some photos.  Well I did, I just forgot to post them!

They did say that I couldn’t post certain ones so there are a few missing here. Although the missing pictures were great they were basically just realistic  heads where as the photos I’m allowed to show are mystical monsters. Which in my opinion is miles better!

So here they are



I don’t think any of these creatures are in film (which is why I was allowed to take pictures)  They’re actually part of the course work that students have to create when doing the Neil Gorton workshops. 

If you’re interested in SFX and think you’d like a career in it then I urge you to check out his courses.


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