A Christmas themed post

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates these past few days.  Unfortunately work has got in the way of film making and so I’ve had to concentrate on that instead.

Even though it’s work it does involve making a short animation so it’s still movie making but just the serious side…although it involves snowmen and baubles with eyes so I can’t even say it’s serious…anyway it’s work related and not 22 days later related.

Having said all that waffle I did decide to render out a still from the animation as a Christmas card that I could send to clients with their company logo on a bauble.  So I thought I might as well also do a 22 days later one just for the hell of it.

It does come across a little confusing as it looks like some sort of count down to Christmas, so I thought it would be quite cool to do a 22 days later advent calender.

But then I thought about it some more and decided it would be a pretty boring advent calender so I’ve settled with just the Christmas image

Once I’ve got this animation out the way I promise to get on and finish the film.

There’s so much to do in post.  Obviously editing but then there’s quite a few shots that involve computer graphics and also a lot of green screen work. So it’s definitely not going to be plain sailing.  I haven’t even had time to edit the last shoot into a rough cut yet.

Of course I will keep you all informed so keep watching.


By the way if you’d like you’re own customized bauble then just me send me an email with the image you’d like and I’ll render it out for you.  As long as it doesn’t contain copyright material or rude or disturbing images. Of course feel free to send me the rude pictures, I’ll just have to keep them lock up safely where no one can see them…apart from me.



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