Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Hello everyone.

I hope you’re all set for the big day…or maybe you’re already celebrating?

I thought I’d do a quick blog update to say I’ve now finished the short animation I was working on,

The plan was to send it out as a video Christmas card but I started it too late and so it all got a bit rushed.

It’s a little bit flawed as I didn’t get time to animate all the shots I wanted.

I also really struggled to get music to match the scenes. One of the reasons why if you’re creating a film it’s really really a good idea to get a professional composer.

However I have to say that in looking for cinematic music I did find this amazing royalty free music site called

I honestly can’t believe how good the standard of this music is, every track could easily of been taken straight out of a Blockbuster and for personal use they’re only charging $1 per song.

Anyway that’s enough of me chatting on. If you’d like to see the finished animation you can view it here.


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