The sound of Music

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I wanted to give a shout out to a brilliant royalty free music website I found the other day while searching for music to use in my short animation.

There is a lot of royalty free music on the web and some of it is very good but a lot of it is also very bad. Unfortunately most of the good stuff costs money and from my experience I’ve usually found the really good stuff is very expensive anything from $25 to $150 for one track!!

Since doing 22days later I have found a few sites that do have some great free to use soundtracks. I’ll put links to them at the bottom of this post.

For me the one that I’ve found is outstanding is  They have about 30 cinematic scores on their site at the moment and I honestly think every single one feels like it could of come straight out of a Hollywood Blockbuster.  They really are that good.

They’re also working on a selection of tracks that you can bolt together allowing you to do some basic composing yourself. Although at this time of writing these haven’t been released.

There’s also around another 30 soundtracks that they’re giving away for free which to my untrained ears sound just as good as the paid stuff. So in total that’s around 60 soundtracks!

Even the paid tracks are only $1 each, so for less than $30 you can have the whole collection.  The catch being that their $1 cost covers you for personal use only. Meaning you can’t use it for commercial use, basically anything that means you’d be making money from the videos.  So make sure if you’re going to put your videos on Youtube you don’t Monetize them as this would be classed as commercial.

You can still use the music for commercial use but it’s $10 per track which in my opinion is an absolute bargain considering what you get.

Here are the links to the other sites I’ve been using.  Jewel beat’s selection isn’t free anymore but still very cheap, although I will say the quality is very hit and miss.   (Good for horror)


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