Wishing you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Can’t believe it’s nearly 2014, how fast does the years go?  What’s really scary is how each year seems to go faster and faster.

I hope hope you all have a great night whatever you have planned…or maybe you’ve already celebrated?  Either way I hope 2014 brings you all that you’ve wished for and much more.

We will be back again in the New Year and will of course be continuing 22 days later.

I’m still in the process of finishing the second episode at the moment.  I’ve just finished the edit and I’m now onto adding all the VFX which there are far more than I’d expected.  Because of this it’s still a few weeks off before the completed film is finished I’m afraid…not very 22 days later.

However we will be starting up episode 3 next week so keep your eyes peeled and start thinking of some cool ideas that we can use for the script.

Once again have a great one tonight, see you on the other side!


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