Behind the scenes of Episode 2

Ok so I filmed a whole Vblog on this and while putting it together,  it suddenly occurred to me how boring it was.  So I’ve decided instead to do keep it as simple as possible and just cover the key points of what I was trying to talk about.

So in this blog I’m going to explain how I completed a shot where  a number of background items needed to be removed.

I’m also going to break it into parts to make it more digestible.

It’s worth pointing out that this particular shot is meant to be set in the 1920’s and so things like the fire exit sign and the various light switches pipes and electric cable to the left would have to be removed. Here is the shot before hand.


Looking at this shot I need to decide how to tackle the tasks at hand.  Now there a number of different tasks here, each one requiring a slightly different approach.

I’ve decided to go for the easiest task first, which is removing the fire exit sign above the door.

The wall behind the fire exit sign is a nice plain purple colour which makes my job a lot easier. The quickest way is to use what’s called the stamp tool in Photoshop.

In case you don’t know what the stamp tool is, it’s a tool that you get in most paint packages that allows you to clone one area of the picture and stamp it or brush it over another area.  Great for making things like duplicate eyes on a face, or more subtle things like covering up a blemish on the skin of a model, or in my case hiding items on a wall.

TA DAH!  That was easy


Great, lets see what it looks like in the moving picture.


Crap! Ok we need to do something extra to make this work. 

Find out in part 2 coming to a blog near you…actually just this one, TOMORROW!

Oh and also get your ideas in for episode 3. We need a Prop,Costume and Phrase please!





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