Tips on recording dialogue

While we’re in-between films and I’m STILL!!! completing the VFX for The Great Spielron, I thought I’d take this opportunity to quickly give a couple of tips on recording audio.  Basically some bits I’ve learned while shooting the last two films.


One thing that I’ve realised when recording in a large open area, like the hall we recorded in on the last film. Is that no matter how close you get to the talent you’re always going to get echo.  The problem you get is that the echo lasts quite a while after they’ve spoken and with overlapping dialogue this can become a problem .

So my tip here is to go through the script beforehand and note any areas that have overlap written into the script.  Then when shooting these particular parts make sure you do separate recordings of each character, getting each actor to speak their part with out the other interrupting. Then repeat for the other actor and overlap the two in post.


My other tip is don’t be afraid to grab audio from another take and see if you can get it to match the visual.  It’s surprising what you can get away with.  Obviously if the dialogue you’re borrowing doesn’t have the right emphasis to what you’re trying to portray then you might have to re-record or make do with the original audio. But I’ve used this trick a number of times and have always been pleasantly surprised how much I can get away with.

Hope these help?

Till next time!


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