Final few shots

Just a quick update to let everyone know that I’m just in the process of finishing off the final few VFX shots for the film.  If you remember around a month ago I demonstrated how we filled a hall with just five people using green screen techniques.

Well I’ve got to do the same but with some front facing crowd. The problem with this is that you can’t get away with duplicating the same people a number of times because you can see their faces. So unless you want a crowd that is full of quadruplets you have to shoot more people.

So right now we’re working on setting up a date to shoot a few more audience shots.

This film really does seem to be going on FOREVER!!.

I was going to show you lots of juicy computer graphic techniques but the problem is is that they all involve spoilers.

So instead I’m going to show you a monster I’ve been working on in the style of the great Ray Harryhausen. It has nothing to do with the film but I guess it’s still film related and makes up for the lack of pictures in this post.  There will be a small man about to get stomped in the image, I just haven’t got around to making him yet.

Maybe I’ll do a tutorial on creating CG monsters, if anyone is interested?



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