Pick up shots

22 days later is about shooting films quickly and no matter what the end result, releasing them.

So I really have no excuse for holding back The Great Spielron.  However there were a couple of shots that needed a large number of people filling a hall.  I managed to fake this in post for some of the shots where you see the audience from behind using just five people and duplicating them, see earlier posts on how this was done. Unfortunately this trick wouldn’t work from the front shots, unless the shot was meant to show  a Quadruplet convention.

Which is why I decided to hold the film back so we could find a date to shoot enough people together on a green screen set. This date is tomorrow. Once I have this footage I will finally be able to put the finishing touches to the film and get it out there.

I’d like to point out that it’s not just this that’s held back the film and also making more films.  At the moment I’m still  searching for work and so as much as I love doing 22days later I’ve had to prioritise getting money.  Also without money I can’t get the films done so it’s a catch 22 situation (what a great pun!) Each film cost roughly about £100.

I’ve also wanted to post up loads on the progress of the Great Spielron but it would contain too many spoilers so I’ve had to hold off. The good news is there’s lots to talk about once the film is released, which all going well will be in around 2 weeks.

Again sorry for the hold ups,  if someone is willing to pay me to do this that would be great 🙂





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