Hey everyone,

Just wanted send out a quick message to say thanks to Gareth Davies for sending us a photo of him “proudly” wearing his Bubblegummonsters T-shirt.

Gareth was one of our lucky winners from the first round of 22 days later.  It was his Prop suggestion of a Lollipop Lady costume that inspired the whole film. Well done Gareth, wear it with pride…or if not it will always make a good rag for cleaning the car!

Remember the next round is starting again this coming Monday the 14th of October,  got to be in it to win it!

Click below to see Gareth’s great site, he creates amazing music for the cartoon series “everybody loves a moose”

 One of our proud winners!

Many thanks Gareth. Hopefully see you in the next round?

The chicken


I was so excited when I received the chicken suit off of Ebay that I decided to try it on while around my parents house.

My Dad’s reaction pretty much sums up how he’s always felt about all of my film making antics. I’d love to create an animated character based on my Dad.

Please note this video contains explicit language.



The first 22 days later costume malfunction.

We had Stuart to act as a stand in for our villain. Unfortunately the “trouser” I’d picked up earlier ready for the shoot, weren’t quite as they first appeared.

The First “22 Days Later Is Up”

The Prop – Ice Cream

The Costume – Lollipop Lady

The Line/Phrase – No Theo No… you don’t have opposable thumbs and the cleft ratchet is a poor mans tool

Send us your Prop, Costume and Line/Phrase for our next 22 Days Later.

Bit off more then we could chew!

Hi everyone,

Again sorry for the lack of juicy behind the scenes pictures and stories.

It’s not that we haven’t got any, believe me there’s been loads.  It’s actually been non stop since last Sunday when we started shooting. 

The problem has been actually finding the time to post.  I’ve been so busy with writing, shooting, editing an VFX that I haven’t got a spare minute in the day.

The film is due up today and as I type this I’m about to embark on the final onslaught of trying to get it finished.  There’s still loads to do so I’m going to have to say goodbye for now. But I will be seeing you again tomorrow where I promise I’ll post up lots of information, pictures and videos.

For now, take care and keep watching Bubblegummonsters an 22 days later channels for the films release. It will probably be late tonight.

See you soon,



Dressing up


Ok sorry for the lack of posts this last day. We’ve been really busy trying to get everything together.

Originally we were to film this Friday just gone but unfortunately I had to go on a shoot. So it’s pushed us back a bit.

We’ve also been having a bit of a nightmare trying to find someone that can play the part of the Lollipop lady. However I think we’ve now found someone, just hope they actually turn up tomorrow.

So in the mean time here is a quick blog where by Sam and me go on the hunt for some costumes.