What camera should I get

Ok this is going to be a short post, mainly because I just spent an hour writing one only to discover when I accidentally hit the backspace button that it’s been lost forever.

So I just want to mention a blog I saw the other day by a guy called Jackson speed…I have no idea if this is his real name but it sounds pretty cool either way.

He’s written a great blog about the camera he uses, which happens to be the same as mine.


And the points he covers are exactly how I feel too.

Here is a link to his blog.


Let me know what you think

In till next time,

We haven’t been ignoring you!!!

Oh my god! Where has 4 days gone… I remember waking up on Sunday morning and now I find myself here and I am pretty sure something happened in between but it is all a blur.

We started filming for the 22 Days Later project early Sunday morning, have had wonderful people involved, terrific talent (actors) and learned loads… most of all…. Peter should think through his ideas before actually opening his mouth! All joking apart it has been an amazing journey for Peter and myself and I hope it has been just as much fun for everyone involved.

We have come to learn that although we have let go of certain roles and responsibilities and put them in the hands of others, who are doing a great job by the way, we are still taking on too much. It is OK that the hobby is becoming an obsession, however we haven’t got time for the obsession and there is still so much more which needs to be done… like letting our readers know what we are up to.

There has been some great moments over the last few days, lot’s of laughs, chuckles, screams and strange looks from people as they stroll past with their dogs! We will try and keep you up to date with news as it develops but the words bit, more and chew keep springing to mind. The film will be released on http://www.youtube.com/bubblegummonsters before midnight GMT 7th October.

A few more scenes to film… sound fx to record, post production to be done!


More to come… keep following the blog for updates!

Thanks for reading!