Wow! I know I know it’s been a long time!

Ok sorry for the massive lack of updates.  I’ve had month after month of crazy amounts of work and then just haven’t had the energy to sit down and write something interesting.

It doesn’t help that I couldn’t actually think of many interesting things to talk about seeing as we haven’t been able to make any films for a while.

I was thinking about maybe talking about animation techniques or VFX techniques but didn’t want to stray too much from the actual core part of making films.  If you feel this might be of some interest then I’m more than happy to oblige?

I have decided one thing over the last few months and that is to scrap the part of 22 days later where by we have to use a costume, phrase and prop from our viewers.  It’s not that I didn’t like some of the ideas that we pulled out the hat. After all without them we wouldn’t of had the insane films we’ve made so far.  But to be honest we just weren’t getting enough ideas coming in and at the moment I’ve got quite a few short films I’d really just like to make without random input.

Maybe one day I’ll add that part back in but for now I’m going with just making a film in 22 days. If I get an influx of complaints then I will consider bringing that part back.

Although it has been pretty much work, work; work these past few months – by the way I can’t believe it’s been over 2 months since my last post; we did manage to shoot a short film.

The idea was to enter a short horror in a competition called: Short Cuts to Hell.  Unfortunately we left it far to late – the night before, and so had to make up the story, film it and edit it in around eight hours.

It actually came out ok, the only problem was that one of the rules of the competition was that the film couldn’t be more than three minutes. Our film no matter how we tried to cut it came in at around four minutes.  So we decided to call it quits.

I have decided to that it would be a shame to just leave it and so over the next few weeks I’ll finish it off and see what we get.

Here is a still. It’s worth noting that because there was only two of us we didn’t bother with any lighting and just used what we had in the room…which is why it looks a little bland.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 23.37.28

In till next time – hopefully not two months.


Behind the scenes of horror The Great Spielron. Or how to try and put a film together in 3 weeks.


Hi everyone.

We decided to do a behind the scenes commentary on The Great Spielron. In this video Stuart carpenter (producer) and Peter Butler which is me (Director) talk through the video and try to cover as much behind the scenes bits as we can.

This is mainly coming from an Indie film perspective so all the issues we had in trying to create a film on no budget and in such a short space of time.

We tried to cover as much as we could regarding some of the issues we had in making the film, as well some of the fun bits. There was so much we could have talked about that it was easy to miss bits. But than that’s what’s great about having the blog as I can add all the things we forget here 🙂

One area we didn’t mention much of was the foley and music so I will try and cover that in a later blog.

For now I hope you enjoy our making of video. If there any questions please feel free to email or comment below.

Till next time,


Episode 3 winners announced


Here we go again!

We’ve just pulled out the suggestions for Episode 3 and what a mixed bag they are.

PHRASE suggested by Eggnogonthebog “Excuse me waiter, there is a human toe in my soup!”

PROP suggested by Dave K A Commodore 64 computer

COSTUME suggested by Christine1948 An old fashioned strong man costume.

All our winners get a bubblegummonster T-shirt so well done all!

We now have a week to write a script based on these ideas.

I can tell you one thing, we won’t be basing it in two eras.

Till next time.

It’s time for Episode 3


Ok so Christmas is over, we’ve seen in the New Year and it’s time to get busy again.

Although to be fair I haven’t really stopped through the Christmas period with trying to complete all the shots for Episode 2 “The Great Spielron”

I’m slowly getting there but as I explain in this blog, it’s taking a lot longer than we originally planned.

The Prop, the costume and the phrase/line

Just a quick note to let you all know that we are currently filming our video blog and will be drawing out the next prop, costume and line/phrase which will need to be featured in our next episode of the 22 Days Later project.

Watch this space to see what will be drawn from the hat.

The video blog will be posted on – the official 22 days later project you tube channel

and this blog!



The first 22 days later costume malfunction.

We had Stuart to act as a stand in for our villain. Unfortunately the “trouser” I’d picked up earlier ready for the shoot, weren’t quite as they first appeared.

The First “22 Days Later Is Up”

The Prop – Ice Cream

The Costume – Lollipop Lady

The Line/Phrase – No Theo No… you don’t have opposable thumbs and the cleft ratchet is a poor mans tool

Send us your Prop, Costume and Line/Phrase for our next 22 Days Later.